S U P E R N O V A  |  Reel 2021
Please watch with headphones.
My latest video featuring my all time favorite shots and Harrison Ford's speech at the 2018 Global Climate Action Summit.
Stuttgarter Kind. The Soundtrack of Benjamin Marjanac and his Porsche 996.
While many are talking about the last aircooled cars, there are some, who appreciate the development of the watercooled engine as well. The 996 was the first Porsche to be „wassergekühlt“. It was a milestone in the history of Porsche - as in the life of Benjamin. And somehow, Porsche always has been a part of it. Stuttgarter Kind is the story of our good friend Benjamin Marjanac, his love for natural aspired six-cylinder engines and his beautiful 996.
South-Africa Roadtrip 2020
South-Africa Roadtrip 2020 featuring Cape Town, wild animals, Safari, Cape of Good Hope, Table Mountain, Lions Head, Stellenbosch, Franchoek, wine and lots of positive energy.
Grown up. A story about a childhood dream. The Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 // W201 16V​​​​​​​
Getting old is nothing we can't stop. To grow up though, is something we can influence. When this car guy turned 30, he decided to say goodbye to a longterm companion and welcomed a new family member. Growing up is not all about working hard, being responsible, settling down and striving for success. Sometimes you just need to go out and play.
Summer vibes from our vacation.

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